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Stories Updates

Posted by Tilja on August 23, 2009

It’s been months since I should’ve done this, but with most English speaking people on holidays it was something that had to wait. And while waiting, some new things came up that took the place of the old ones. First, I’ll start with the old ones and where they are right now.

I am currently working on a translation project of the fics of a Spanish speaking fanfic writer I know personally. There has been some heavy delay in this project due to the author’s perfectionism of the story. The story was originally written as a series of drabbles and short fics created for two instances of a contest, which meant they were very limited in word count and therefore lacking on some explanation of the events. The author of these stories, when presented with the idea of translating her works into English, was thrilled and gave her consent at once. However, after looking at the first draft and being presented with the many little changes that needed to be done for lack of better links (like I said, they were originally drabbles and had little room for explanations), she decided that the story could use a remaking to make things more understandable and so now the work is at a standstill until she can make the necessary changes for me to continue the translation. The story was put on the shelf for now, until the author has time to look at all the necessary changes.

After this decision was made, there came a new instance of a semi-anual contest in an LJ Spanish fics comm, Piffle Fanfic, and both she and I became engrossed in writing new stories for this contest and the previous project was left aside for the time being. At the same time as this contest was up, there also came an anime con in Capital City to which we had to attend; she was cosplaying in it and I was dragged along by others. This meant several things happening at once. First, we had to cut the participation in the contest to half at least of what we intended to do because of lack of time. Second, that time was taken up by preparations for the trip and everything else that might’ve happened at the time was cut short. Third, this meant some short and freakish holidays for all of us, mine even double because I had to go a second time to the city the very next week.

All of this made me loose a great deal of time. I ended up with just three short fics for the contest and a very big project for that same contest left out of it due to lack of time. But I didn’t abandon my big project. Actually, I started it after the contest was over. And that’s what the new update is all about. This story is a very ambitious project of mine that I’m currently working on. The idea came from a couple of the prompts given in the latest contest in Piffle Fanfic and requires a great deal of work, especially for someone not used to long story writing.

The story is a crossover between Clamp’s works CCS and Man of 20 Faces and a hidden crossover. The story is divided into three parts, each one with its own name. This first part is called Requiem of May and is the one I’m currently working on. This fic is being published both in English and Spanish simultaneously in ff.net. I’ll leave a summary and link to the work.

Requiem of May

Meilin has left her house after her mother told her of her intention to marry her for money and she took refugee in the Hiragizawa house in England, where Eriol and Tomoyo received her after the fight. It was here that she met Ryusuke Kobayashi, a Japanese detective transfered to London in pursuit of an international burglar and who had made a permanent stay in the place. Meilin and Ryusuke fall in love in a short time and at the same time as Sakura and Syaoran’s first son is born, they are already making wedding plans for themselves. With less than a month to go for the wedding, Ryusuke’s job is made harder by a series of gruesome murders that are happening in the London area which have the police completely baffled with no evidence or suspects, while Meilin will have to use all her ability to prepare her wedding and at the same time discover what’s lurking under the trees before it takes her most precious thing away.

As for the other short fics I made for the contest, I’m still working on translating them and uploading to my ff.net acct. There, you can find all my works so far, a very poor collection. As soon as I have new uploads, I’ll try to post them.


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